Health Through HYDRATION

Why us

Endeavoring to bring the revitalizing qualities of coconut water to the world one can at a time…

Uncover what sets our coconut water apart and makes us your ideal choice for premium tasting coconut water.

All Natural Premium Ingredients

Dedication to Quality, Never from concentrate

Competitive Pricing, No compromise on taste


Variety and Innovation

Customer Satisfaction

Our Inspiration.

Kehualani. Heavenly Dew.

These are some of the words describing the coconut that have inspired the ways and culture of the Pacific Island peoples for centuries.  In Hawaii, we truly are grateful for the rejuvenating and hydrating sweet waters of the coconut trees in our back yard.  Wai Koko Beverage Company has a mission to bring these health affirming and hydrating properties of coconut water to everyone.

What are these nourishing qualities?

Wai Koko Coconut Water is packed with electrolytes, antioxidants, trace minerals, and amino acids. Our Premium Pure coconut water has ZERO added sugar and contains less than half the sugar of other fruit juices.

Sadly, Coconut water has gotten a bad rap

Frankly, other offerings just don’t taste very good.  It doesn’t matter how nutritious a product might be, if it doesn’t taste good, you are less inclined to drink it.  Look closely at the label to see if flavors and sugars have been added.  Have they been manufactured from concentrate?    Wai Koko is different.  Never from concentrate.  Straight from the coconut to the can.  We searched long and hard for a taste profile that mimics the sweet waters of the Hawaiian coconut.  Our coconut water from fresh young Thai green coconuts is the best tasting and most refreshing water on the market.  We are confident that you will taste the difference too!  It’s what makes us stand apart from every other brand!

You're not just getting a healthy drink

you're also supporting a healthy world. Wai Koko is proud to partner with Special Olympics Hawaii and other local organizations to support healthy lifestyles and build vibrant local communities. So take a sip, or chug the whole can, and feel good about the choices you're making. Wai Koko is devoted to hydrating a healthier you through a healthier planet!

Rejuvenate and perform

Fuel your inner adventurer.

Be the difference.

Elevate your journey – no compromises- healthy lifestyles with a premium taste!

Be powerful.

Be unique.

Rise above,

let your spirit soar.